Casey’s General Store


Casey’s General Store
422 E Hwy 14
Volga, SD

Superintendent: Ron Kramer

SF: 4,000
Owner: Casey’s Services Company
Architect: Casey’s Construction Division
Delivery Method: General Contractor

The concrete slab is poured and walls are starting to go up.  By the end of this week, we will have the exterior walls erected and we will start working on roof trusses.  The coolers and freezers are showing up on the week of the 22nd and we plan on having the building dried in by then.  Next week will be a busy week.  We will start tearing down the old building, and we will also start digging the hole for the underground fuel tanks.  On July 16th, we will be installing 2 – 30,000 gallon fuel tanks and 1 – 18,000 gallon tank.  Once those are installed, we will start working on the footings for the new gas and diesel canopies.  By the end of July, the jobsite will look very different than it does right now. It’s always fun to go vertical!