Daktronics Pedestrian Walkway Bridge


Daktronics Pedestrian Walkway Bridge
Brookings, SD

SF: 1,800
Owner: Daktronics, Inc.
Architect: Banner Associates
Delivery Method: General Contractor

The Daktronics skywalk is an enclosed exterior walkway connecting the southwest corner of Building 2 to the northeast corner of building 6. The walkway is nine feet wide by nine feet tall on the inside and is approximately 180 feet long. The structure consists of two separate prefabricated steel pedestrian bridges with 72 foot main spans and cantilevered ends. There are three precast concrete columns supporting the walkway. The precast column finish closely matches that of the existing buildings. The structure is enclosed on the sides and underside with metal wall panels with finishes meant to compliment that of the existing buildings. The floor is cast-in-place concrete on metal form deck. The roof is acoustical metal deck with insulation.