LATI Prairie Lakes Healthcare Center of Learning


LATI Prairie Lakes Healthcare Center of Learning
Watertown, SD

Superintendent: Brian Schmidt

SF: 23,000
Owner: Lake Area Technical Institute
Architect: Coop Architecture, LLC
Delivery Method: General Contractor

All the structural steel, misc. metals, bar joists, and metal decking are now complete. The crew has been working on the main entrance concrete stairs and the steel stud parapets at the perimeter of the building. The exterior steel stud walls will begin soon. After the exterior walls are framed, the roofer, mason, and waterproofer can begin their work. The exterior concrete work will also continue as the goal is to have all exterior concrete complete before winter hits. Greg and his crew have been lending a hand with the exterior concrete work. Paul Hansen & Deven Meyer have completed all the welding on the job and it’s great to see all welds have been checked and verified. Great job to these two men for completing quality work along with the rest of the crew. When taking one step onto the jobsite, it is obvious that the project is being completed by professionals that know what quality work looks like. Great job men. The project looks amazing